Postpartum Care

The midwife will complete your postpartum with a thorough newborn exam and monitoring of mother and baby before leaving, usually 2-4 hours after the birth. We also ensure that cleanup is completed, leaving your home the way it was when we arrived.

We do a 48 hour postpartum visit where we check on you and your baby, perform the Newborn Metabolic Screen on your baby, and talk with you about how you are doing emotionally, how breastfeeding is going, and how you feel being a new mother.

We also do a 2-week and 6-week postpartum visit where we check on you and your new addition. Our 2-week visit is a time for you to ask questions, get support, help with breastfeeding, and talk to us about any questions and concerns you might have. Your six week visit is your discharge visit, and we will clear you medically, discuss postpartum birth control options, weigh you and your baby, and say goodbye until the next Birth Meetup or your next pregnancy!