Financial Information

We work with all major insurance providers, including Florida Medicaid, and work with self-pay clients to arrange payment plans.

The Ocala Birth Center costs substantially less than a normal, vaginal hospital birth, and provides reasonable payment terms for costs not covered by insurance. We believe every woman should be free to choose where she has her baby, regardless of insurance limitations.

We feel that the quality of personal attention and care provided at The Ocala Birth Center is worth investing in. Birth centers enjoy better health outcomes for mothers and babies than hospital care for comparable childbearing populations.

Are your services covered by insurance?

The Ocala Birth Center accepts Florida Medicaid plans to include: Straight Medicaid and  Staywell. Additionally, The Ocala Birth Center is covered as an out-of-network provider by insurance plans. In the Ocala area, our insurance biller is usually able to get “gap coverage” from your insurance which covers our services at an in-network rate. Our global fee for all prenatal care, birth, and postpartum services is significantly less than area hospital delivery charges, which makes your out of pocket costs comparable, if not less than a normal vaginal delivery at the hospital.

What services are included in your fee?

  • Routine prenatal visits (once a month until 28 weeks, every other week until 36 weeks, weekly until delivery).
  • Availability of on call Midwife 24 hours a day
  • Comprehensive health physical and pap smear
  • Labor support
  • Birth services
  • Water birth
  • Postpartum care (Immediate, home visits at 48 hours, office visits at 2 weeks and 6 weeks)
  • Immediate newborn physical
  • Newborn assessment at the 48 hour home visit
  • Filing of your baby’s birth certificate & social security card
  • Facility fees if delivering at the Birth Center
  • Lending book and video library
  • Breastfeeding support and counseling by a International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Emergency equipment and medications as needed

Why should I be willing to pay for out-of-hospital care when my insurance would fully cover a hospital birth?

The prenatal care offered by The Ocala Birth Center is exceptional. Office visits last one hour, allowing you to develop an authentic relationship with your midwife and allowing you both to fully explore your state of health and educate you on how to best prepare for a healthy childbirth.

Out-of-hospital births have much better health outcomes than hospitals for healthy women experiencing normal pregnancies. Hospital cesarean section rates in our community and throughout the nation have been rising steadily over the past several years. The national c-section rate has risen to over 30%! In contrast, the average rate among birth center or home birth clients was only 4%. A cesarean section is major abdominal surgery, with significant long-term health consequences. It also provides a significant barrier to breastfeeding success, which also has a major impact on the long-term health of mother and baby.

I do not have insurance that covers maternity care at The Ocala Birth Center. Do you offer out-of-pocket financing?

Families choose to pay out-of-pocket for birth center and home birth care because they believe in the model of care we provide. Midwifery fees are paid at your appointments according to the financial plan we establish at your initial visit and are due in full by 36 weeks in pregnancy.  Payments are agreed upon at your first prenatal appointment.

Financial Policy

We accept cash, and checks.  Midwifery fees are paid according to your financial plan at your prenatal visits and are due in full by 36 weeks.  Payment plans are agreed upon at your first prenatal appointment.